Real Madrid


What does the name ‘Benzemá’ mean in Arabic? It has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Real Madrid

Benzema, a different character

Benzemá has a very different character from that of his teammates like Cristiano and Casemiro. A character that makes him different and divides the Bernabeu.

Real Madrid

Benzema: The chosen one for Zidane

He’s always in the midst of criticisms but for Zidane, there’s no other forward he’d rather have in his team.

Real Madrid

Asensio, the leader

On a bad day for Benzema and Bale, the star was Asensio. At 21, he became the new leader of Real Madrid

Atletico Madrid

Benzema’s work of art

Benzema had an important role to play in Isco’s goal against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League semi-final that will be forever recorded in history.