Pique’s no injury

With Barca winning 4-1 and his right knee hurt, Piqué had an injury scare in a tackle from which he came out the worst.


Valverde, the problem solver

When a game is stuck in a stalemate, everyone looks to the one who never plays.


Suarez’s worst start in La Liga

Luis Suarez is having his worst start to the season since joining Barcelona. For Valverde it’s just a mater of time and centimetres.


Andre Gomes missing in San Mames

It still does not work. Valverde and his colleagues realized that André Gomes was missing in San Mamés.

Atletico Madrid

One draw, two styles

One had never beaten the other. The other had never beaten Barça in the league. Duel of styles in the sidelines of the Metropolitano.