Atletico Madrid

Barca vs Atleti: A fight for the title

There were things about Barça in Atleti and there were things about Atleti in Barça. Madness.

Atletico Madrid

The Griezmann Show in Metropolitano

4 goals for Griezmann against Leganes. Oblak gave another fine performance and the Barca rumors.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico’s squad clearance

After their latest squad clearance Atleti are left with only 19 players in their squad to finish the season.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico punish Sevilla

Diego Costa was once again the main protagonist as he led Atleti to a 2-5 win over Sevilla away from home.

Athletic Bilbao

This is Diego Costa

Diego in his purest form. There are things that never change.